january 2015


Our January 2015 newsletter has a summary of our classes (which can be found with photos on our Classes Page listed in alphabetical order and on our Calendar page listed in chronological order).  This newsletter also has a review of important late December news, including our holiday hours.  So, read the whole shebang!

MADLY KNITTING TOWARDS THE END….. (pant, pant, pant!)

Come in any time for assistance with finishing projects.We are open during our regular hours up to December 24 (Tuesday – Saturday, 10AM – 6PM, Thursday 10 – 7, Sunday 12 – 4) to assist you any way we can. 


Wednesday, December 24                 10am – 2pm                                                     

Thursday, December 25                     CLOSED                                                                   

Friday, December 26                          10am – 6pm                                                         

Saturday, December 27                     10 am – 6pm

Sunday, December 28                       12– 4pm      YES, WE WILL BE OPEN THIS LAST         SUNDAY OF DECEMBER

Monday, December 29                       CLOSED

Tuesday, December 30                      10am – 6pm (SPECIAL CLASSES ONLY)

Wednesday, December 31                 10am – 2pm

Thursday, January 1                           CLOSED

Friday, January 2 and beyond, we resume our regular hours.


We have brought in several great items as gifts. Some of these are oldies but goodies: an assortment of shawl pins, needle and hook kits, lights that hang from your neck for night-time car or dark theatre knitting, embroidery and cross-stitch kits, swifts and ball winders, needle-felting materials, buttons galore – including new brand new buttons, and books.

New this year are darling small purses needle-felted with flowers or sheep, or shaped as cats with appropriately sly faces which close with a zipper, are reasonably priced, and make great stocking stuffers.  We also have "blank” small purses and small bags of felting fiber for those who love a do-it-yourself project. Just right for any fiber artist are our sheepish measuring tapes – bound to delight as one pulls on the tail to deliver the tape to measure. For you spinners, we have several hand-turned spindles – beautiful work by Ron Pessolano – that came in this month, as well as several of his hand-turned shawl pins with a 2” circumference that are just the right size for smaller shawlettes.

New patterns have come in that will delight any knitter or crocheter, as will our new yarns. 

Make your own wish list and leave it with us.  But how will your gifter know what to get for you?  It’s easy at Millicent’s.  You can walk around our shop and make a list of what you most desire – Fingering weight yarns in a particular shade for your next shawlette? Enough heavy worsted-weight yarn for the sweater you wish to make for yourself? DK weight yarns for the baby clothes you want to knit for your new grandbaby?  Bring your list to us and we will put it into the special "wish list” section on your customer page in our computer system.  Your gifter only needs to tell us your name and we can print out your wish-list and let him/her at it.  Easy!!

New Gifts  Knitter's Pride has given us great needle kits.  We have interchangeable needle kits in Cubics for 16" needles and 24" needles and up.  We have kits of double pointed needles in sizes just right for sock knitting or other fingering weight knitting in the round.  And we will have very soon interchangeable needle kits in Dreamz needles.  Hurrah!


Of course, a gift certificate is the best gift for a knitter or crocheter.  It allows you to shop with "guilt-free money” – what a dream come true!  To receive a gift certificate, ask your gifter either to come into Millicent’s or call or email us at shop@millicentsyarns.com with the amount of the gift, recipient, gifter’s name, and, most importantly, a credit-card number.  We can hold the gift certificate at the shop for pick-up or mail it, as desired.  Easy!!

A gift certificate from Millicent’s is good forever. So if you live out of town, you can still use your December-2014-issed gift certificate  when you drive through on I-68 in January to drop off your child at school or come by on your summer vacation in June 2016.


On December 26, 27, 28, and 30, Millicent’s will have an End-of-Year Inventory Reduction Sale.  This is a particularly good time to pick up yarns that need to be booted out of our shop and into your stash.  Not all yarns will be on sale, but enough to whet your appetite.  Please note: these will be big reductions!


Our January classes are all inviting and exciting. Mel has divided them into several categories here to help you choose the ones you'd like to take. Indulge yourself. Learn new skills. Make something for yourself.

Introductory Classes: There are three Introduction to Knitting classes and two Introduction to Crochet classes. Both of these classes are four weeks long. In both you will create a sampler scarf with ten different stitch patterns. You'll finish the class feeling confident in your new skill and ready to take up the next challenge.

Crochet Classes - The Next Level:
Two classes are perfect for you if you've taken our Introductory classes. Both teach new skills and rely on skills already learned.
     Carolyn will teach a Tuesday morning class-- the pattern is The Elise Shawl which is a triangular shawlette in fingering weight yarn with a very pretty picot edge.
     Judith will teach a Wednesday late-afternoon class -- here the pattern is a crocheted cable hat which uses skills on crocheting "posts" and making popcorn stitches.

Sweaters - Bottom Up and Top Down: Two sweater knitting classes will teach the basics of the most popular ways to construct a sweater.
     Jola will teach a Thursday morning class on a bottom-up cardigan. You will knit a cardigan in pieces which are shaped as necessary and then sewn together.
     Mel will teach a Saturday morning class on top-down sweaters. You will knit a one-piece cardigan from the neck down, creating a raglan shaping and adding sleeves by picking up live stitches held in reserve when the body is knit, then picked up to knit the sleeve in the round down to the cuff. It may sound scary, but it's not really. You can trust that your teachers at Millicent's always take one step at a time so that you learn at your pace. Newer knitters will be comfortable with these classes.

Colorwork Classes: Colorwork can be worked in many ways. It can be as simple as various colored stripes. Or it can be as complex as Fair Isle - otherwise known as stranded color work. Millicent's will be looking at three methods in January. All of these classes are appropriate for newer knitters.
     The Two-Tone Twill Scarf, knit with a fingering weight yarn and a US 10 and US 6 needle (yes, really!),uses slipped stitches (aka Linen Stitch) to create a pattern of color contrast or of subtle shading. Carol will teach this class on Friday mornings.
     Fair Isle knitting, also known as stranded colorwork, uses two colors of yarn with one held in each hand. Mel will teach an introduction to Fair Isle knitting in which students knit a double-layered headband - perfect for winter. If students work quickly, they can begin a Fair Isle hat. This is a Saturday class.
     Mosaic knitting also uses two colors. It differs from from Fair Isle knitting in that one color alone is used on right and wrong sides, slipping stitches to bring out the pattern in the opposing color. Then the second color is used to knit the right and wrong sides, again with stitches slipped to bring out the pattern in the opposing color. Mel teaches this class starting January 24. We will explore various mosaic patterns and then knit the hat below.
February classes will continue to explore these techniques and others in more challenging projects.

And Three More Choices: Socks knit on double pointed needles are the traditional way to knit small circumferences in the round. You will socks on fingering weight yarn. Look for the class on Sundays.
     Fingerless Mitts have been a popular and fashionable accessory for many years now. They keep hands and wrists warm while leaving fingers free to do detail work. Like socks, they are worked on double pointed needles. Joanna teaches this class starting Saturday, January 17.
     And last, but certainly not least, is the Star Shower Cowl - a hybrid between a cowl and a shawlette. Shanti has made the model in a brilliant turquoise fingering weight yarn which shows off the simple, repetitive lace pattern. This class is taught on a Wednesday mornings.


    If it's Tuesday, it Millicent's!  Starting January 6, from 6:30 – 8:00ish, you are invited to Millicent's  for a fun social time for knitters.  You may want to do individual knitting or maybe join in on a group project.  The direction of this group will be decided by you. This is a great opportunity for knitters whose schedules keep them from our "Knitters’ Anonymous”  daytime meetings. So, if it’s Tuesday . . . . come on in!  (It is winter and we may have to close for weather ... watch Millicent's Facebook Page for updates, which can also be found on the home page of Millicent's website.)                            

Watch for this photo of knitters from the film "A Tale of Two Cities" to remind you that "If it's Tuesday" is coming up!