february 2015



Celebrate our retiring staff on Sunday, February 1 with our with our CHAT & CHEW FOR CHARITY.

Judith and Jola have added so much to Millicent’s Yarns & More, have worked with so many of you on your projects and in classes giving so much of themselves.  Now it is our time to celebrate their contributions and honor them with knitting for charity.

On Sunday, February 1, from 1:00 to 4:00 pm we invite you to gather with us for a potluck luncheon and a quick charity knitting while we "chat and chew.”  

Millicent’s has acquired many colorful hat kits for our charity knitting this winter. The kits include enough superbulky yarn for one hat and a furry,colorful pompom. Knit on US 15, 17, or 19 needles in the flat or in the round in a K1P1 or K2P2 rib, these hats take about 30 minutes to knit. Although priced at $15, we will sell you a kit for just $9 and all knitted hats will be contributed to the homeless shelters in Cumberland.

So, please join us!  Bring a favorite dish to share (luncheon will begin at 1:00), $9.00 and BIG needles (or we can supply them for your use at the shop if you don’t have these large sizes), and loving words for Judith and Jola. 


Thursday classes were cancelled last week because of the weather, so you still have an opportunity to join in:

10:30 Basic Sweaters: Knitting a Sweater from the Bottom Up. 

4:15  Kids Knit

5:30 Introduction to Crochet (a four-week class)

5:30 Introduction to Knitting (a four-week class)


Remember the sale area we had at the back of the store?? So much of the sale yarn disappeared over the holiday that we refilled the shelves with still-great but discontinued yarns.  Our sale, however, has changed somewhat:

Yarns in the Bargain Bin have sale prices ranging from 20% to 75% off.   We are operating the "Bin” sale much like the department store surprise sales run – you know, when you receive the cards with the magic sale reduction hidden under a sticker of some kind.  Our sale will be like that:  come up to the register ready to make a purchase of your yarn of choice and learn what your discount is!  Easy!

P.S.  The mohair yarn in those many brilliant colors is over 70% off!


You will also find a sale area in front of the register that we've renamed "Specials". In this area there are drastically reduced yarns as well as specials from our vendors that we can pass on to you. 

Currently we have Viking Balder, a 100% superwash wool (ie machine washable) in bulky weight.  It comes to us in solid colors and marled with several colors plied together. These are great for children’s items. Please understand this yarn cannot be reordered.  When it is gone, it is really gone.

This yarn, with 90 yds that knits at 3 stitches per inch on a US 10 - 11, regularly sells for $14.50.  We are able to pass it on to you for $8.50!!



Millicent’s has a great line-up of February classes! You can read a summary here, but, of course, you’ll want to visit our Classes Page to find classes listed in alphabetical order and our Calendar Page to see a monthly listing.

Tuesdays (starting Feb. 3) you can come in for Help Me! in the morning, or join us for our social knitting "If It’s Tuesday, It’s Millicent’s” in the evening, starting at 6:30.  Tuesdays, starting Feb. 3, is one of our Intro to Crochet Classes.

Wednesday (starting Feb. 2) mornings bring a Basic Training Camp: Baby Booties – many ways to make booties, a knitting architectural wonder!  In the afternoon, knitters can learn Fair Isle Knitting or stranded colorwork in this introductory class.



Friday (starting Feb. 6) is for beginners.  Mornings have a Cabled Beaded Hat and Cable Beaded Mittens.  Afternoons is for knitting a Chunky Cabled Cowl I and II.



Saturday (starting Feb. 7) has a morning Intro to Knitting class.  At 1:00 is a new class in Double Knitted Cowls, in which you knit both interior and exterior sides in reverse colors simultaneously.  At 3:00 is a Color Class for learning about putting colors together in your knitting and crochet.  And at 4:00 is an advanced Fair Isle Hat class, knitting hats in fingering weight yarn.



Sundays (starting Feb. 8) we offer the Mitered Obsession Cowl which uses Freia Handpainted Fibers Ombre Sport.  Although a pricey project (around $50), this is an item you’ll wear with pride.  And don’t you dare give it away as a gift!   We are also running a Intro to Knitting Class on Sunday, starting at 2:30.

Thursday (starting Feb. 12) brings a morning Intro to Knitting, an afternoon Kids Knitting, and two evening classes: Intro to Crochet and Sandcastle, a really cute child’s top-down ponchette.

And never forget our Knitter’s Anonymous meetings every Wednesdays and Fridays from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm.  We have lots of fun at all our social knittings – come on out and join us!


(From Classic Elite Website)

It is important to remember that a piece knit in stockinette stitch only is inclined to roll at the edges (i.e. bottom hem and sleeve cuffs). One way to combat this is to insert a pattern in these places that is composed of knit and purl stitches on both sides. Barbara Walker’s first and Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns offer chapters on Knit and Purl combinations which can be used for non-rolling edges.  [If you do not own this book you can look on the website http://www.knittingfool.com for a picture, written instructions and charted instructions  - Mel.]  The patterns in which the number of knit stitches and purl stitches are equal will defeat edge curling the most efficiently. Some good examples of these include:

A Treasury of Knitting Patterns:
Pg 11: Seed Stitch, Moss Stitch and Double Seed St
• Pg 12: Broken Rib
• Pg 17: Basket Rib
• Pg 20: Swedish Check
• Pg 29: Lozenge Pattern

A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns:
• Pg 6: Belt Welt
• Pg 8: Little Pyramid
• Pg 13: Moss and Rib Block Stitch (version II)

While there are a multitude of other patterns that will not roll in these books, the ones listed above are some of the least complicated and will keep the gauge consistent. Rib patterns also will not roll; however, they will pull the fabric in where they are used, so this must be taken into account.