october 2014


Most of Millicent's winter yarns have arrived and the shop looks luscious!  You'll walk into the shop and find yourself surrounded by thick soft and warm superbulky yarns in all colors your can imagine.  Think lipstick red, pumpkin orange, sea green, earth browns, champagne pink, acid yellow.  You'll find single-ply (Cascade Magnum) and chainette yarns (Debbie Bliss Poloma and Mirasole's Ushya) -- think warm but light as can be.

Travel down to the bulky yarns and you'll find beautiful hand-dye yarns in golds and purples (Huasco Chunky Multi) and a new superwash bulky yarn in tonals (Lace Merino Chunky).
In sport and dk, our new yarns include the gorgeous soft Zara and Zara Chine from Filatura di Crosa, merino soft, rich in color, an machine washable.  You'll be stopped in your tracks when you see Freia Ombre from Knitwhits, tight rolls of long color runs.  You'll love to stroke Fresco from Classic Elite Yarns in soft winter tones.  And then there is Solea, hand dyed by Island Yarn Company -- popular last year and certain to be popular this winter as well.

Light worsted weight is alive with Classic Elite's Liberty Wool and Liberty Wool Print, another superwash wool in many solid and lush painted yarns. You'll find several models in these yarns, fun, fun, fun.  And just around the corner you'll fin and be amazed by the neon colors or La Gatto's Masina -- almost too bright to bear, but when made up into funky hats, well, they are just right for your teen.
Lace yarns have been move to our big circle of sock yarns and fingering weight yarns.  Finally we have put all our lightweight yarn for knitting socks, shawls, lace, an other delicates together in one place for your convenience.

You'll see yarns made in America with identifying labels marked by a small American flag.  We continue to search for American-made yarns to make available to you.  One hurdle is that many of these come from small mills and have a limited distribution.  In the meantime, we bring yarns to you from Europe and South America, and when yarns in our shop are from Asia, we make certain that they are made in small family shops that are generations old and do not exploit their workers.


If you go into the YARN category of our website, you'll see many of our newest yarns pictured there.  Click on yarn brands such as Katia, Cascade, Knitwhits, etc to get to pictures of all the yarns we carry from that company.   Click again on the picture and details about the yarn will pop up in the new window.  EASY!


Millicent's has MANY patterns to give you ideas for knitting and crocheting -- we will write about our newest in our next newsletter.  But RAVELRY.COM, a website for knitters and crocheters, has millions - literally millions - of design ideas for particular yarns.

At Millicent's we want to use this magnificent resource in an intelligent way for our customers.  We have created files of patterns on many of the yarns in the shop.  Are you interested in working with a superbulky yarn?  Ask Mel or one of Millicent's associates to bring up files under the keyword "superbulky yarns" from Mel's Favorite Files.  Do you have an interest in Freia Ombre from  Knitwhits?  We can find examples for you in our save files under the keyword "Freia."

Some Ravelry patterns are free, some can be purchase for you through Millicent's with our help, and some need to be purchased by you directly from Ravelry.com. 

It is exciting to use this invaluable resource at Millicent's.  We offered two successful workshops on Ravelry.com this summer including such topics as finding information about patterns and yarns, creating a library of your knitting/crochet books and patterns, keeping track of your stash or even your unfinished projects.  Please let us know if you are interested in attending a Ravelry workshop in the future and we will schedule a workshop in the near future..


I've just heard from our first out-of-town group of knitters who plan a visit to Millicent's.  This is just a great idea -- pile your knitting friends into your car and make a day-trip to Cumberland, Maryland.

We are just over two hours from Pittsburgh, Baltimore or D.C., and a quick hour trip from Frederick, MD or Morgantown, WV.  You'll be traveling through some of the most beautiful  countryside Maryland has to offer.  Plan to have lunch here -- we have some great restaurants and spend several hours at Millicent's before heading home.

But why bother to travel to Cumberland when you can shop easily on the net?  At Millicent's you can touch yarn before purchasing it.  You can see the plies, determine the suitability of a yarn for your project, know that the color is just right.  Most important, at Millicent's you have us -- Mel, Joanna, Jola, Judith, Carol, Carolyn and now our new employee Shanti -- who are familiar with our yarns and patterns to help you use your time well when you are with us.  We are committed to helping you make the right decisions about your purchases.  So come on out -- as one of our out-of-town customers told us, "It is well worth the trip."


Shanti is a long time knitter (and she knows how to crochet too!)  She is also a long-time customer of Millicent's and knows our business well.  What a great headstart for a new employee.  I'm sorry I don't have a photo of Shanti, but you'll recognize her easily -- she's the one who's grinning from ear to ear, happy to be part of our crew.


 Priced between $9.99 and $12.99, our hat kits include one skein of superbulky yarn and some other delight -- a pompom as a topper, or funky yarn flowers to you move along the yarn to place "just so," or a thick eyelash yarn that creates a fuzzy trim.  Grab a 16" circular needle in a size 15 and a set of US15 double pointed needles and you'll have a delightful give for family or friends in a single night!



The last Saturday night of every month we gather to knit, to talk and to eat (of course).  In September we meet on the upcoming Saturday, the 27th from 6pm to 9pm.  Our October meeting is Saturday, October 25.  Bring something to share with the group -- sweets, fruit, cheese, whatever -- we're bound to enjoy it all.


Kids knit with us on Thursday afternoons.  Our first Kids Knit for the season begin on Thursday, Oct. 2.  We meet from 4:15 to 5:00.  Please note that we follow the school calendar for cancellations. 

We prefer to keep the class at 5 to 6 children and we ask that a parent remain in the shop during the 45 minute class.  It is best that parents provide a snack for their child before arriving at Millicent's.


In October we continue to offer classes based on patterns from the small Noro book "What Can I Knit Tonight?"  As in most Noro books, the patterns here are well designed and give the knitter a chance to learn new skills on a small scale.  This $18 book has 57 patterns which means that each pattern comes in at less than $0.30 apiece.  The book is quick disappearing -- knitters love it.

If you look at September classes, you see that you can learn the Dante bag with a slipped stitch pattern on Tuesday morning, the Nina cable headband with its multiple cables on Wednesday morning, and the Parker I-pad cover on Thursday. 


Additionally there is a Wednesday Morning class on crocheting a handled basket and a Thursday evening class on crocheting a circular rug from superbulky cotton yarn.


In October we continue with the Eve Tea Cosy (Tuesday), fashionably buttoned Eva Hat and Mitts (Wednesday) and the knitted and sewn Lea Shrug (Thursday), all patterns from "What Can I Knit Tonight?"


In addition to these classes we will have two intermediate/advanced knitting classes: the Curlicue Shawl on Thursday evening made popular by The Mannings knitting and weaving shop in Pennsylvania

as well as the Olgajazzy Aranami shawl on Friday afternoon -- a modular shawl that is beautiful in any number of color gradations.


On October Saturday afternoons we offer workshops on bulky and superbulky cowls -- high fashion, quick an fun.  On November Saturday afternoons we will knit bulky and superbulky hats of all styles.


Oh, and did we say that we are offering Introduction to Knitting and Introduction to Crochet classes in October as well.  Let's face it, there's always something cooking at Millicent's Yarns & More.

Claudia Hand Painted Yarn Knit Along

Wow -- just learned of Claudia's October/November Ten Ten Cowl Mystery Knit Along.  I'm usually not too keen on Mystery anythings, especially when it comes to what I am knitting.  But this is very unusual and a great opportunity:
1)  Claudia is discontinued many - and I mean MANY - of her fingering weight colors.
2)  She has put the discontinued colors into four color kits, each containing eight yarns.
3)  She  designed a pattern to use the colors together in a cowl.
4)  And, it is happening soon!

STOP EVERYTHING -- the four original kits are already sold out.  But Claudia, bless her heart, has created new kits with other colors and we at Millicent's have purchased ten kits.  I put the new colors below -- although three are already gone.  Boudoir  must be sold out from Claudia as there was no picture this evening for me to upload, but we are getting 2 (one of which has already been claimed).

Boudoir: ( NO PIC) Black and Red primarily with some other colors (we have one left)
Gardening Gloves: We had 2 -- both have been claimed.

Yummy Things (we have 1)             Fairie Pants (we have 1)

Orange Marmalade (we have 2)        Cat's Pajamas (we have 2)
The pattern's first clue will be revealed October 10, so we  have to act fast.  I will be putting in an order at the end of Wednesday, October 1.  Please send your order with a first and second choice to shop@millicentsyarns.com.  The yarn kits cost $120 -- I will absorb your shipping costs to Millicent's. 
We will have Ten Ten Cowl Mystery Knit Alongs starting Tuesday evening, October 14 and will continue every Tuesday through December 2.  Local knitters are welcome to join in so we can figure out the "mystery" together.

For those of you who are further away, I am happy to place orders for you.

Please note that Claudia has announced this Knit Along throughout the country, in fact throughout the world, on  Ravelry.  So please, take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to use her beautiful but soon to be no-longer-to-be-seen yarns and ACT FAST.  Due date for orders is 6PM Wednesday, October 1.