march 2015

Millicent's Yarns & More is holding a big Cat's Leaving Sale

Millicent’s Yarns & More will be holding a drastic inventory reduction sale from March 6 to April 4.  We are hoping to find a new owner for Millicent's, as Mel will be leaving Cumberland sometime this summer.

Life hands us many changes, and Mel’s most recent change is a divorce and a move to Australia to be with her daughter and grand-daughter.  Many tears have been shed – but now we get to fun!!!


Millicent’s will hold a Cat’s Leaving Sale

Friday, March 6 thru Saturday, April 4.


Our hours are changing during these 4 weeks:

Monday closed

Tuesday through Thurs 10 – 8

Friday and Saturday 10 - 6

Sunday 12 - 6


Every week you’ll have a lot new fun!

First bit of fun! The Cat’s Leaving Sale is a graduated sale. During our first week, everything in the shop is 20% off (including needles and notions).  We recommend that you shop early while our shelves are still full and there is enough yarn in the same dyelot for your future projects.   Watch our Facebook page for additional discounts.

Second bit of fun!  Millicent’s has so many beautiful patterns – vintage to brand new!  You can purchase these in mixed Bulk Pattern Packs of a 13 individual patterns.   Our knitter’s dozen packs will cost $20 each, or $1.54 per pattern no matter if the original price was $3.0 or $10.50.  Patterns will not be sold individually, only as part of a knitter’s dozen.  Packs will be categorized as follows: 

Lace and Shawls

Hats, Mittens, Gloves, Fingerless Mitts

Toys, Blankets, Bags, and Home Items

Sweaters (women)

Sweaters (men)

Infant and Children – sweaters, layettes

Cowl and Scarves


The packs will be tied together.  NO EXCHANGES!  

Third bit of fun!  Furniture, rugs, baskets, display heads and hands and other shop paraphernalia will be priced for sale.  Pick up must happen after April 4.

Fourth bit of fun!  All books and magazines are reduced by 60% off original price. Can you believe it????  60% off!

Fifth bit of fun!  New items will continue to fill our Bargain Bin throughout our 4-week sale.  All those reductions are greater than our sale reductions -- up to 75% off -- so keep an eye on our Bargain Bin.

Sixth bit of fun! If you purchase an entire bag of yarn (10 skeins of one yarn, one color, one dyelot), you get additional 5% off the sale price.

Seventh bit of fun!  Models will be priced and available for purchase.

Eighth bit of fun!  Every week we will be hauling yarns out of the closets!  What surprises there will be for you (and us!)

Ninth bit of fun! Our Wednesday and Friday "Knitters’ Anonymous Meetings” (12noon – 2pm) and our Tuesday Evening "If It’s Tuesday, It’s Millicent’s” (6 – 8pm) will continue to through the last week of the sale.

Tenth bit of fun! The more you buy, the more you save!


Here comes the not so much fun news:

 As of March 6 there will be






(Mel says: I’m really sorry, but our focus has to alter.  Isn’t that sad sad sad?)



If you have a 5% off chip, you may use it for your purchase.  If you have several chips, please use one chip per purchase.

If you have a gift certificate, it will be honored during our sale.  Gift certificates must be present at time of purchase.  We will not refund money on a gift certificate. No new gift certificates can be written once the sale begins.


For our out-of-town customers:   The sale applies to you too!  We have put all our yarns on our website for you to see.  We probably won’t have time to delete online photographs of yarns that are gone, so have some alternative colors or yarns when you call us toll-free at 855-722-8200.