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Pendulum Shawl


New from Amy Miller, this asymmetrical shawl seems to sway back and forth like a pendulum from it's wide to narrow stripes. The shawl is 70" wide and 19" deep, knit with two colors of a fingering weight wool. The Pendulum Shawl is perfect for those of us who want to wear a shawlette but are not so keen on elaborate lace for our wardrobes.

The Pendulum Shawl is new to knitters, so new that we don't have it up on our pattern listings yet. If you are interested in purchasing this pattern, please call us at the 855 toll free number listed in the purple box.

Knit or Crochet:




Adult, Child or Baby:



70" x 19"


5 stitches per inch

Yarn and Yardage:

two colors of fingering weight yarn, each approximately 440 yards

Needle Size:

US 6 circular, 36" or longer